The Beginning of “Adventure June” – Mike and Ellen’s Wedding

June 2013 was a very important time for us, and to celebrate (and because we had the time!) we planned a bunch of adventures to unwind and have fun during our break after articling.

First, Davin was offered one of only four contracts to return to the Ministry where he articled.  He worked extremely hard and I am so proud of his dedication to the work of the Attorney General and I am happy to see it pay off!  It is a big deal for us, as it means we will be staying in Toronto.  I know how much he believes in the role of the prosecution and being a part of this organization has been a goal of his for quite some time as he sees it as the best vehicle for him to personally make a difference at this stage.  I have always supported this goal as his inner drive to make a difference was, and continues to be one of the main things I love about him.  Because of this, and the fact that the Ministry contracts are extremely competitive we were willing to go anywhere in Ontario for work, but it worked out that he was hired back here, so I guess life wants us to be in Toronto at this point so we will be staying here for the time being 🙂

When we left Vancouver, for first Paris, and ultimately for Toronto we sold pretty much all of our things on Craigslist and have been doing “suitcase moves” ever since.  I’m going to do a blog (or a few ;p) on our adventures in Europe as I have so many pictures and great memories.  But, baby steps!  We had been renting a furnished suite downtown on Bay Street during articling, and our lease came to an end at the end of May.  As I was done articling at the end of May and Davin finished the first week of June, we thought we would capitalize on the opportunity to not have to carry rent for the month of June, throw some clothes (and hair products and shoes!) in our backpacks, and spend as much time travelling during our time off as we didn’t have to be back in Toronto until the beginning of July.  So we put the majority of our things in storage (thanks Katie!), and became “backpacking gypsies ” for the month of June before we settled into our new place, which is coincidentally right across the street from our old place!  I LOVE our new place, but more on that later!  As I am really behind on blog posts (We covered a lot of ground in June – literally) and as I want to take time to put them up I will just start from the beginning and work my way through 😉

Our first stop was spending a week at the Rose Room, which is a contained suite in the upstairs of a wonderful family’s house in the downtown area.  It had everything we needed for the week while Davin wrapped up articling and I house hunted for our new place (more difficult than one would expect!).  Here is the link:  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is coming to Toronto and wants inexpensive, friendly, clean and comfortable accommodation.  Meirev and her family were wonderful to us while we were there and it was a fun little place to live for the week, sort of reminded me of our place in Paris!

The day after Davin finished articling, we said good-bye to the Meirev and the Rose Room and headed to Mike and Ellen’s wedding.  Davin met Mike during articling, and he and Ellen held their ceremony in St. Catharine’s in the Niagara-on-the-Lake Region.  We car-pooled there in style with Katie who has the cutest bright yellow VW Beatle!

driving to niagara on the lake

This was my first time out of Toronto’s downtown core since we moved here in July 2012 (…I know…) so it was really nice to see some nature and wide open spaces again.  Also they held their ceremony at an absolutely beautiful orchard, on the banks of Lake Ontario.  It was a beautiful clear day and if you looked across the lake you could see Toronto!  I thought Toronto in the distance, with the CN Tower prominently keeping watch over the city’s skyline looked like the “Emerald City” from the Wizard of Oz from the orchard.  Too cool.


Here is the happy couple!

IMG_4054Wedding niagara on the lake

The man of the hour and Davin giving his best “thumbs up”!



beautiful love summer wedding

lawyers friends      Davin and Katie


Lawyer couple CBC

Andrew and Fabby at the reception ❤

loves niagara on the lake wedding

lawyers wedding married first dance

First Dance!

The reception was a blast.  AND they had the biggest assortment of gummy-candy that I have ever seen which happens to be my favourite… Really dangerous neat idea for a fun dessert!   Here is the happy couple having their first dance.  Ellen’s dress fit her like a glove, she really looked stunning!

We had a blast dancing until until we were kicked out 😀

Kissing, loves, attack of love, davin and libby, dancing, wedding

Me attacking Davin with love 🙂

dance circle, party, wedding, greek, indian, fun

Davin being the entertainment as usual 😀

EllenMikeWedding-0681 EllenMikeWedding-0682

friends, lawyers, sweet caroline, buddies, wedding, singing

Us having a moment singing “Sweet Caroline” at the end of the night – teehee! ;p

They had a shuttle that took us back to the Holiday Inn where the wedding guests were staying (and they had the most comfortable beds!!  I should call and ask why type of mattress they use, sooooo comfortable!)  It was a beautiful wedding, and such a wonderful start to our month of (sort of) homelessness!


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