From Toronto to Barbados

After spending two nights in the Niagara on the Lake region we took a shuttle from our hotel to Pearson Airport.  Our flight took us through Barbados for a day, where we rented a little room on the beach and explored the surrounding area.

The shuttle picked us up from the hotel pretty early, but I love mornings (Davin not so much…) and it was nice to see the sunrise while we were driving.  We also got to see some more of Ontario which was great as I haven’t had the opportunity to get out of the downtown core since we moved here.  Growing up in B.C. and being so familiar with the province and general area, I remember saying to Davin, “we aren’t in B.C. anymore!  Can you believe we live here now!  Like, not just visiting!”  LOL, I guess it takes me a while to warm up to things sometimes, but I am finally starting to settle into Toronto now, and it is starting to feel like home 🙂

Loves, love on a bus, kisses in the morning, sunrise, adventure, fun

Us getting some love on the shuttle in the morning

We flew into the Grantley Adams International Airport in Bridgetown, Barbados.  I love it when you land in a destination and get out of the plane right onto the tarmac!  To me it just feels like you have ARRIVED when you board the plane in one location/climate/country/culture and get to step right off of it into something that is totally different!  The airport was nice; small and open concept as many tropical airports are.

flight, Toronto Barbados, itinerary, trip, vacation, adventure

Our route. A huge benefit of living on the east coast is the easy access to the Caribbean!

Barbados, Grantley Adams, BGI, Bridgetown, map

The airport is in the southern part of the island, and our hotel was in the south west area.

As we were there at the beginning of June, the country was gearing up for the Crop Over festival which begins in June and culminates in the big party on the first Monday in August.  There were already lots of impressive headdresses decorating the airport and around the baggage pick up area.  Pretty neat to fly into!

Barbados is also known for being more noticeably British and more conservative than the other islands in the West Indies and, although we were only there a short period of time, I did notice that it felt more “formal”.  Also, LOOK AT THIS!!!

wrong side of the road, british, barbados, bridgetown, vacation, caribbean, love

What’s wrong with this picture!!! LOL ;p

Having never been to a country where people drive on the left side of the road this really blew my mind!  In the taxi on our way to the hotel I kept having minor panic attacks thinking that we were in the wrong lane and were about to be goners… Habits are strange things!!  tee-hee!

The little bit that we saw of the island was really pretty and the people were exceptionally warm.  I had always heard that Barbadians, or “Bajans” (pronounced like “Cajan” only with a “B”), as we were told by Chicken George Jr. (more on him later), were very hospitable, and from my experience this couldn’t be more accurate.  Everyone we met were warm, proud of their culture and willing to share it with visitors.  They also have a really cool flag! (Davin loves flags!)

flag, barbados, triton, cool, simple

I think the Barbados flag is elegant and powerful in its simplicity. And the triton is really awesome!

The beaches were wonderful, um to say the least ;p

Accra beach, Barbados, Christchurch, beautiful, paradise, rainy season, hot, humid, clear water, caribbeanno sea urchins, clean water, Barbados, Christchurch, Accra beachDavin, palm tree, caribbean, ocean, vacation living, shadows, dark foreground, light backgroundLibby, Kennedy, pretty, girl, vacation, summer dress, windy, seawall, Accra beach, Barbados, Christchurch, purse with scarf, sunglasses

After soaking up some sun during the day, we were strolling along Accra beach and stumbled into a little cluster of huts selling food and drinks (mostly rum!).  There we met Chicken George Jr., or Jason.  He owns and runs his late father, Chicken George’s, grill and bar (which like I say is also a really quaint hut!).  Jason was really hospitable, and as it was getting close to dinner time we thought we would start with some of the island’s famous rum punches, but careful they are potent! LOL 😀  And they were made deliciously at Chicken George and Sons.  If we ever end up back in Barbados, we will definitely make a trip back to this little hut/bar.

Chicken George and sons, Chicken George Jr. Chicken George II, Jason, tattoos, Caribbean bar, rum bar, vacation, Davin, Michael, Garg, drink pouring, vacation timing, 5 o'clock somewhere, island time

Chicken George Jr. AKA Jason mixing up our first rum punches of our trip

Chicken George Jr., Chicken George and Sons, Barbados, Christchurch, Accra Beach, bartender, Davin Michael Garg, thumbs-up, Canadian, Steven Harper, rugby, rum, island time, vacation

Davin and Chicken George Jr.

After that we had dinner at the Chopping Block, which was close to the beach and had their delicious vegetarian chilli which was the daily dinner feature.  Again, the staff was really friendly (notice a trend? ;p) and insisted that we take a loyalty card to come back, even though we told them we were leaving the next day!

Laid back, vacation, relax, dinner, Barbados, Caribbean, island time, Davin Michael Garg, island time

Laid back! Enjoying dinner #vacation!

After dinner we did a bit of exploring…

Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, Barbados, Christchurch, wrong side of the road, driving on the left, vacation

I am still not used to seeing cars on this side of the road! Guess I need to spend more time in countries where they drive on the left ;p

Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, adventurer, traveller, candid, Barbados, Caribbean, Christchurch, green, lush, beautiful

I love how green and lush is is everywhere!

great big world, Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, adventurer, explorer, Caribbean, beach, vacation, fun

And look what we found!  A little bit of Canada in Barbados ;p

Davin Garg, Davin Michael Garg, Senators, hockey, Canadian, Canada, Canada in Barbados, pride, sports, so funny

Davin also went hunting geckos…

gekko, hunting, stalking, Davin Garg, Davin Michael Garg, hat, vacation, safari in the Caribbean, look out gekko

The hunter spots his prey

gekko hunting, Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, hunter, stalking, tropical, Caribbean, shadows

Quietly he stalks his prey…

Almost got him, gekko got away, Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, hunting, Barbados


…No geckos were harmed! ;p

After a full day, we wrapped up our stay in Barbados and headed back to the hotel for our early flight to Martinique the next day 😀

Davin Michael Garg, Davin Garg, artistic, sunset, Barbados, Caribbean, kicking stones, shadows, fun, carefree, vacation, never too old to be a kid


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