Happy 48 Month Anniversary!!!!

Davin has always had mild panic attacks when I inform him that our X year anniversary is impending…  Lol!  I love to say it to him just to watch the terror pass through his eyes 🙂  Teehee!  BUT to ease the pain for him (I know, it is really tough being with me! ;p) I have been counting our anniversaries in months as it doesn’t seem to elicit the same horrified reaction from him.  I’m nice like that.  PLUS it gives me a chance to tell him each month that our X month anniversary is coming up.  Which is great for me 😀

When I was thinking of an anniversary present this year, I almost made him a scrapbook.  I made him one for our 12th month anniversary, and he really liked having all of our memories that we made that year in one place.  But with our nomadic lifestyle that we lead lately, it is not really practical to haul a book around with us.  And not to mention that involves printing off all of the pictures, etc. etc…  So I decided to (finally) update our blog, and fill in all of the memories that I have been not motivated to put up yet 🙂

But that being said, it is a much larger job than I had anticipated.  No wonder I haven’t written anything in so long, it takes a long time!  For our anniversary, I had wanted to have posts to bring the blog totally up to date.  But I only got as far as our trip to Martinique… There is a LOT more to go.  BUT I am recommitted to doing it.  Originally I wanted this area to keep our friends and family up to date.  Which I still do.  But there is another use for it beyond that.  And that is to keep a record of all of the memories that we make for US as well *heart* 🙂

***Disclaimer!!  Unbridled sweetness ahead… Skip to the next post if you are not into sappy overload.  And if you continue to read, consider yourself fairly warned :D***

So Davin, this is one of my 48 month anniversary presents to you.  In the past four years together, I have done more positive personal growth than I thought ever possible.  To the point where I barely relate to the person I was before I met you.  That might sound like I have “lost” myself.  But with you, I have actually found a more authentic version of myself in who I was at each step along the way.  Same person.  Same fundamental values.  But with each leap of growth my eyes become a little more open to different possibilities that I love exploring with you.  And I intend to look back in another four years, and be in the same position.  Where I continue to push my personal boundaries, and ours as a couple as well to continue to grow, change, and evolve.  And always keep moving in the direction of our goals and dreams.  In some ways it feels like we have been together for a long time.  But in many more ways, it feels like we are just getting started.  There is so much ahead for us on our path together, and I love walking it with you 🙂  Happy anniversary my Sweet, I love you with all of my heart ❤

In the beginning: 


Year 1: 

Davin Michael Garg and Libby Kennedy - Team Suits2


Year 2: 

3 4 1
Year 3:

705148_10151420087222761_1177983381_o 11734_10101185657954032_1480629285_n 296041_10151422224517761_754658464_n 970252_10151422560677761_692202320_n 960008_10151420158332761_631048802_n

Year 4:

10374460_10152151387892761_1972935225034654051_n 10301174_10152088432902761_9173836455881623072_n  1000524_10151527710982761_187920314_n

And beyond… ❤


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