Day 5 – Sugarcane Plantation, Clément Rum, and the South of the Island

I have always wanted to go to a sugarcane plantation and see a rum distillery.  L’habitation Clément ( is fairly close to where we were staying while still giving us an opportunity to head over to the east side of the island.  It was said to be beautifully maintained with botanical garden etc. and it really was.  They also restored the large house on the property, and it is where French President Francois Mitterrand and President George Bush met for a summit following the Gulf War.  It is all open for visitors to walk through, and it did not disappoint!


We headed out from Les Trois-Îlets.  Connected back up with the N5 towards Le Lamentin.  But this time turned off just after Ducos onto the N6 (before traffic became congested!).  The N6 took us all of the way to Le François in about 45 minutes.


It was a beautiful, hot day and I loved walking the sugar cane grounds.


There is a LOT of ground to cover, and its a really beautiful stroll:


I see you!!! The grounds are really well kept and the paths are easy to follow.



Always climbing!!



I love the roots on this tree, so beautiful!


Lush and green everywhere. I just love it on this island!


Ohhh palm trees, how I love you 🙂



And sugarcane, LOTS of sugarcane!!


This is a remanent from years ago (it has been around since 1887!).  Before automation the mills to grind the sugarcane were powered by animals.  This is called le Moulin à bêtes (animal mill).


Davin showing us how it’s done



They have some of the most interesting looking trees. And they also have plaques describing what type they are.

IMG_4407 IMG_4408


I really wanted to run through the sugarcane and get lost in the field!!! Looks like a fun place to play. Like our cornfields in Canada 🙂


After we had taken in the grounds we headed to the distillery.  Their self guided tour was really well done, and taught us all about the rum making process which I was really interested to learn about.



IMG_4420 IMG_4422

IMG_4423 IMG_4430

This large house/manor is beautifully restored and visitors are able to walk through.  Really lets you get a sense of what life would have been like on this planation years ago (for the fortunate ones!)


Then the tour naturally ends up at the gift/souvenir store.  There is free rum tasting and Davin loved that!



We came home with Clément Liquor Créole, Orange Shrubb.  It is a beautiful orange flavoured rum.  We also bought a really nice snifter glass with the Clément logo acid etched into it.  It was only €1.75!!!!  Both great purchases!

After that it was au revoir to l’habitation Clèment and we were back on the road.


Since we had visited the northern part of the island, we were now curious about what was in the south.  So we continued along the N6 and started making our way towards the south.

Le Vauclin

We stopped at a look out in Le Vauclin.  Beautiful countryside.

IMG_4451 IMG_4452

It was SO hot and the sun was really intense.  I was wearing Davin’s hat just to protect my head and we had to sunscreen-up again!  Can you tell that I packed light for this trip!?  Lol, just a few summer dresses and bathing suits 🙂


After our little pitstop to take in the scenery we continued southbound along the N6.  We eventually turned onto the D9 at Le Marin.  And the road slowed down quite a bit, even though it was nicely paved and definitely NOT the D2/D1 *shakes fist*(See post “Day 3 – Part I).  But it was really nice to drive slowly along the road, windows wide open, and music playing, with my love ❤  Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” had recently been released and it played a few times on the radio.  It was the first time I heard it and I still love the song because it reminds me of meandering through Martinique without an agenda 🙂 Me-mor-ieeees!!!!


We arrived in Sainte-Anne and pulled into a really windy beach.  There were lots of surfers taking in the waves and people kite sailing.

IMG_4448 IMG_4474

And when Davin sees something to climb… Well, he’s just gotta do it.


Running down the beach to climb the hill…



Almost there…



Surveying the area from a higher perspective 🙂

After that we got back in the car and drove to the local beach in a cove that was more sheltered from all the wind.  It is really tranquil and even though there were a fair amount of people there it didn’t feel crowded.


Looks like something out of a magazine right? Very beautiful, and the sand was so soft!

I LOVE swimming, and I really love playing in the ocean/surf/sand.  Davin is not so much of a water animal like I am, but he comes along and humours me.  He is so funny when he bobs in the waves because he will normally get water in his mouth and sputter and spit it out making a big scene!  Lol, nope.  Not a water animal 🙂  But we spent the rest of the day on the beach, swimming in the ocean, sitting where the waves crash onto the shore and getting knocked over.  And then getting so much sand in our bathing suits that we had to go back into the ocean to shake it all out 🙂  We walked along the beach as the sun was setting (romantic!) and stood in the sand as the waves came in so that we sank a little bit each time.  Yep, I love the ocean!!!  But not sea urchins or jellyfish.  I hate both of those.

We have a nice quite drive back home as we were both kind of wiped from a day in the sun.

After a couple hour nap in our room we didn’t feeling like venturing too far so we went to the restaurant in our hotel.  It was nice, really good service.  But a little more expensive than a lot of the restaurants in the surrounding area.


He’s so handsome 🙂


Showered and clean after the day!!! Hungry and waiting for dinner.

Awwww – Tanned and happy 🙂


We don’t often drink (more on vacation, but still not so much), but we had some margarita-esque type drinks and rum punch with dinner.  So we were feeling a bit rejuvenated and not ready for bed.  And we were in the mood for some more rum (especially after our visit to Clément earlier) and a change of venue.  So we wandered down to the little marina by the beach as there are a lot of open concept restaurants and lounge-y type places that play music.

We found this little place.  Half of it is a restaurant, and half was set up as a lounge with live music.


This picture is facing the restaurant that was much more quiet than the lounge. The area where were were was packed although you can’t tell from this shot!


Oh hi!!!

It’s too bad that these pictures didn’t turn out as it was too dark and I didn’t know how to make the flash work!  But the singer had an incredible voice and she just had a quality about her that I found really beautiful.  I wish I got her name as I would have liked to look her up back home.  Really fun way to spend the night.


After the music wrapped up for the evening we went for a stroll around the town and took in the ambience before bedtime.  We were pretty tired, but pretty high on life (and a little bit of rum)  🙂  Bonne nuit!!!!


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